What If Cabinet Hardware Had Never Been Born

Another tough day of getting pulled around. And without a word of thanks or recognition. The forlorn cabinet pull went to bed thinking, “What’s the point? Why, I’ll bet no one would even notice if I disappeared.”

The little pull awoke to the wind blowing harshly in his room. Sitting up, he saw the window had been blown open, but before he could get up to close it, a voice met his ear. “So you think life would be better off if had never been born? Come let us see what would have been.”

The world went hazy and they were gone.

A rural house comes into view. Commotion can be heard even from the outside. Peering through the window, the following scene is viewed. “Get me a spoon for my cereal!” “You try opening that drawer, it’s impossible!” “Honey, my closet door is jammed again. I’m going to be late for my meeting!” “Mom! I’m starving!”

“What’s going on in there?” asked the confused cabinet pull. The faint spirit smiled. “Without you and the rest of the to assist, the world can’t open their drawers and cabinets or keep doors in place.” The two disappeared again as a slight shadow of understanding began to fall upon the little pull.

A large palatial manor house, busy with dinner party guests, refined conversation and delicate musical accompaniment. “Madame, these refrigerator boxes are simply exquisite.” “Yes, they are quite beautiful. Of course, these are only for show. It’s just too difficult to replace the doors each time you need something from inside. If only there were a more efficient way of opening these appliances.”

The cabinet pull had seen enough. “Take me home. I know now how important cabinet hardware is to the world. Without pulls and knobs, no one would be able to get into their drawers and cabinets. Without hinges, opening and closing doors would be arduous labor. And appliance pulls make appliances useable. Thank you, good Spirit, for showing me the truth of how important cabinet hardware is to everyone.”

And so, with the help of the good spirit, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, appliances pulls and all over the world finally understood and appreciated their important role in the world.