Warning Signs That Your Email Account Has Been Hacked

In today’s society, most every person has at least one email account that they use on a regular basis, and it it not at all uncommon for a person to have even more than one email address. In many cases, a person will use one email address for purchases they make online and for things such as online banking, a separate email address for colleagues and contacts at their job, and then a total separate email address for communicating with their friends and family. Each of these accounts can hold some private and very important information that is not intended for others to see.

When a person conducts various aspects of business through the use of their email account, it can involve many delicate pieces of information. If a hacker happens onto an account such as this, it gives them the freedom to go through all of the incoming and outgoing emails that have been sent. When the information they obtain includes emails where a person has been handling different credit card accounts, a bank account or savings account, the harm that they can cause could quickly become a disastrous situation.

There are a few very distinct signs that you can watch for as an alert that a hacker has invaded your email account. If you are in and out of your email in-box quite regularly, then you know without a doubt which messages that you have read and which ones you have not. A hacked email account will often show some emails to be read, when the account-holder knows they have not read the messages yet. There are also times when a person will receive a notification email, confirming a password change. When you receive this type of notification and you know there have been no changes made by yourself, it is almost certain that your account is under the attack of a hacker.

The first step you should make, is immediately changing the password to your account. Then, an expert private investigator with experience and the tools to identify hackers on the Internet, should be consulted. Using a reverse email search, these professionals can quickly stop these hackers in their tracks.

In many cases, these experts are not only able to identify the person that has hacked into your email with a reverse email search investigation, but they can also supply you with other important information to take to the authorities. The hacker’s telephone number, their address, and even information in regards to where they work, are a few vital pieces of information that a reverse email search investigation is effective for obtaining.

Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman