Unlike Hardware, Digital Signage Software not ready for Off-the-Shelf

It wasn’t that long ago that high resolution digital hardware displays were cutting-edge technology only deployed by large firms with the necessary investment capital. Today, of course, you can pick up one of the digital displays at any electronics store and most retail chains. It’s easy to think that digital signage software is going in the same direction. And maybe it is, but it’s not there yet. The capabilities necessary to network multiple digital displays, manage them from a centralized location, and integrate various features into a single, user-friendly experience for consumers can’t be achieved with a simple software download or a one-size-fits-all software program.

Digital Signage Software Systems
In truth, you probably could make do with off-the-shelf software if your company is only using one digital display that can be easily connected to your business office PC. These commercial uses are far and few between. Rather, most businesses need wireless, remote access to multiple digital displays. Likewise, many businesses have specific software features and applications in mind. Again, if you just want to repeat the same video over and over again, off-the-shelf software might be possible, but to proactively design, manage, and run custom, modifiable content for patrons, guests, and consumers, you need a dedicated digital signage software system. Moreover, businesses in specific industrieshospitality, restaurant, health care, manufacturing, and financial services, to name a fewoften have unique software capability needs that cannot be met by the typical, one-size-fits-all software programs.

Digital Signage System Services and Client Use
Once a digital signage system is up and running, it can be incredibly easy to manage but the system implementation itself often takes quite a bit more than opening the software packaging and following the directions. For commercial and business clients, comprehensive digital signage services are usually needed to minimize hassles and maximize the return on investment. Project managers, design and installation professionals, technical support, even content consultation services are all part of the service package offered by the highest-rated digital signage software firms. Off-the-shelf software has a long way to go before it can deliver sophisticated software features in a user-friendly setup procedure.

Digital Signage Software Firms Benefit from Hardware Availability
That said, it also wasn’t that long ago that digital signage software firms had to bend over backwards to make their products compatible with hardware products that may or may not have been available to customers in various locations. Now, the technology has become so streamlined that these software firms have developed products that span the entire catalogue of digital signage hardware manufacturers. As such, a digital signage software firm can sell their products and deliver their services in coordination with a simple trip to whatever electronics store or retail chain is preferred by that individual client.