Customer Email Management

Email Management is an important part of peoples life, especially for those who participate actively through emails. Gone are the days of letters and paper mails, todays is the world of online where almost every transaction is done online. From job request to document submission and from sharing photographs to sharing important data, everything is done through emails. In that case email management is something that everyone needs to realize and consider as a part of their life. Business email management is therefore an important consideration in the corporate world. There are wide ranges of email management programs available at your service and Grexit is one of the best email management programs providers. Grexit is the best solution to share, store and manage emails. They are the pioneer provider in business email management.

Through Grexit, you can manage emails easily and safely. Grexits customer email management allows one to avail better collaboration along with cutting down email clutter up to 50%. Email is a medium of sharing very important discussions within businesses. Many a times, important documents are shared through emails. In that case email document management becomes a requirement. Not to worry as Grexit makes email document management fast and easy. Grexit brings to you a secured way of email storage and customer email management.

Grexit offers a central email share and shared mailbox that allows you to work along with your team members through emails. It enables businesses to manage email share, converse and email storage at a centralized junction. Grexit offers a central repository for email storage and is hosted by Amazon AWS and thus, email management with Grexit is easy and secured as well. No email is read by any human. Everything is constantly monitored for security. AWS data centers are widely acknowledged for security and as Grexit email storage is hosted by AWS, you are assured of easy and secure email management with Grexit.

Grexits email management is very beneficial for various teams such as sales team, recruitment team, customer care team, support team, business management team and so on. Support and sales team can store important email conversations with clients and share with new members for reference. Recruitment team can store candidates profile documents in email repository. While business management team can exchange confidential documents through emails and manage for future usage. Other features offered by Grexit are sharing Gmail labels, assigning tasks and track status, sharing email archives and so on. To know more information about email management programs and features of Grexit email management software, you can visit and get answer to all your queries.