Cabinet Hardware And Dealing With A Baseboard Gap

How You Can Change The Hardware Of Your Wood Cabinet

Cabinets with knobs generally have their hardware in the bottom corner. Cabinets with handles normally have their hardware in a slightly higher position. While these are the standard positions for cabinet hardware, not all cabinets conform to them. If you find wood cabinets that you really like but you don’t like the irregular position of their hardware, you may think you’ll have to pass on them. Good thing is, changing the position of the hardware of your wood cabinets is very simple to do.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the existing hardware. You can then fill the original holes with wood putty. Applying a fresh coat of paint will cover any signs of the older hardware. It also allows you to customize the overall look of your cabinets. You can then use a small gauge designed for this specific purpose to position the hardware’s new spot.

If you are not happy with your cabinet’s original hardware, well you can easily find any kind of hardware that you can use. Te final step is drilling holes for the hardware and just mount it.

The Right Cabinet Hardware to Complete Your English Style Bar

An English style bar can make an attractive and functional addition to a room like your home theatre or game room. It’s also perfect if you’re creating a “Man Cave” room in your home. Regardless of the room where you add it, you will need cabinet hardware to complete the look of your English style bar.

Because of the rich and vibrant color and appearance of this kind of bar, gold cabinet hardware may work very well. Since opting for an English Style bars is very ornate, you may want the hardware to be as well. Don’t opt for small hardware that is barely noticeable. Instead, choose larger bars or knobs with a strong appearance.

What Can I Do About a Gap Between the Baseboard and Drywall?

A shoddy remodeling job can leave a gap between a room’s baseboard and drywall. This may happen when a contractor attempts to to conceal this gap by mudding. It’s not uncommon for at least some mud to seep down and fail to conceal the space.

Some contractors suggest using top quarter round to conceal this issue. The only problem with this suggestion is that the quarter round can hang over the edge of the baseboard. A better solution is to use base cap molding. This option will conceal the gap and look more attractive than the sharp angle of the baseboard directly meeting the wall.