Autoresponder Information Review For Interspire Email Marketing Software


Interspire is a powerful email marketing tool that is used by more than 15,000 business owners across the globe. A business can use Interspire to install its own server as well as hosting services to support their business needs. Email campaigns, including newsletters, emails and autoresponders are key components of Interspire’s impressive assets.


As an Interspire client, you get access to 35 targeted email templates that have been skillfully designed based on specific markets and businesses. You can configure the email campaigns using a straightforward, step-by-step process. By using personalized autoresponders, you can be automatically linked with your customers through follow up emails. This feature helps to enhance conversion rates and customer response to your email campaigns.

Interspire allows you to build customer profiles that help you generate emails and autoresponders that pique their particular interests. Their web-based interface allows you to increase your customer list from either the email program or from a database with relative ease and efficiency.

Emails that are bounced (returned without being delivered) are automatically analysed through Interspire across all of your subscriber lists so that you don’t have to track across several lists and you don’t have to pay for ineffective or undeliverable emails in the future.


We call this portion of the review limitations, rather than negatives, but with Interspire, their biggest shortfall appears to be poor customer service and pricing. Their services are often out of reach for most small businesses that operate on a limited budget. For medium to larger sized businesses, however, this isn’t an issue.

Customer service was once a strong point of Interspire but if you investigate other outlets along the Internet, you will find many dissatisfied customers in the past year who complain about their lack of response time. When your business is young and struggling to compete in the market, time is of the essence and taking three days or longer to have a question answered is far too long in our book.

Overall Summary

Few autoresponder email marketing services available on the Internet are able to offer the power and flexibility of Interspire. While the major letdown appears to be their customer service, this is, of course, based upon whom you ask. We have generated this opinion by scouring message boards throughout the Internet.

However, Interspire’s strengths are so impressive for just about any business that any shortcomings they may have (or have had) pale in comparison to what you get out of this email marketing service.