Archive | November 17, 2017

Why Interspire Email Marketer Is Better Than Hosted Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is a trending way for online marketing where we are sending direct emails to our clients. Interspire who is known for its shopping cart soft ware has developed an email marketing software called Interspire email marketer. Interspire email marketer with its innovative features has become the favorite in the cyber world. Let us now look at how Interspire email marketer is better than hosted email marketing service

In hosted email marketing service, we have to pay throughout the year whether you are using or not using the service and if you add a new member, you have to pay extra. Interspire email marketer offers once in a life time payment option if you bought the software once you dont have to worry again. There is no extra cost in adding new members, you can increase the list as much as you like.

A powered by link or a picture will be added in the footer almost all hosted email marketing services. While you are sending the mail indirectly, you are giving publicity to your service provider also. In case of Interspire email marketer there is no powered by link or logo, if you want you can add your logo in the footer of the mail.

In case of a hosted server you are sharing a server with hundreds of others so there is a chance that the spammers may hack into the server and reduce the deliverability of your mails. But in case of Interspire email marketer you are using your own web server so the deliverability will be high and there is no need to worry about the spammers.

There is chance that your server will be black listed due to increasing no of bouncing emails. Bouncing emails are those mails which are not delivered due to some reasons like inbox of the user is full or invalid email id. In the case of Interspire email marketer there is smart bouncing system which enables to track bouncing mails and then removing them from the list.

In case of a hosted service as it is a service not software so there is no provision to change or modify the source code we just has to use it as it is. Interspire email marketer is modifiable and 100% unencrypted. We can make changes in the source code as we want it. Interspire email marketer is designed in PHP so if you are proficient in PHP you can do change the code as desired.

In Interspire email marketer there are many innovative features like auto responders and split testing. Split testing is an automatic method by which your best mail id found by using user feedback and then it is send to the rest of the list.