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Go Green! Earth Science Fair Projects

Earth Science Fair Projects

Governments around the world along with private organization and companies are converging and discussing the environmental issues that are facing our planet. These international meetings are attended and lead by some of the greatest minds in the area of ecological sustainability. These leaders have spent their professional careers researching and implementing programs and policies to protect and repair the environment. They did not, however, wake up one day with all these qualifications in their heads. They have spent years and decades studying and researching their chosen field of specialty. Like other professionals, they began their careers as students. Many of these professionals are the very students who began their studies with earth science fair projects demonstrations. This was likely the first demonstration of their ability and desire to understand the systems and life forms with which we share the planet.

Earth science fair projects are the perfect venue for students who want to pursue a career in any number of environmental fields. The earth science fair projects of students often become the focus of their career goals. For those students interested in plant life, an earth science fair project on the growth of food crops might be in order. Students who are interested in the cycles of weather, and earth science fair project would be appropriate. Others who are interested in the history and origins of the very planet upon which we live could develop an earth science fair project around this huge topic. Regardless of the specific topic, earth science fair projects offer all students the opportunity to demonstrate their beginning knowledge of these important topics.

Many of the students who present earth science fair projects have plans on continuing their education at the college and postgraduate levels. These students often take the seed of interest that is planted with their first earth science fair projects and continue the studies at these higher educational levels. There are even professional who started at the high school science fair and were offered tuition and scholarships to continue their research. All the international professionals began as students, so the possibilities exist for all students interested in these fields of study. With these opportunities, students can transform their careers while transforming our stewardship of the Earth.

How To Disassemble A Computer System

Cleaning the dust on your computer is very important part of computer maintenance. Problems like computer heating occur due to dust problem. To get the computer cleaning job done you can consult a computer repair company or try it on your own. But for this you need to disassemble a computer system. Not only for cleaning, if you want to slot in a new hardware component then too you need to disassemble your computer. Do you know how to do this? If not, this is the article for you. Here we will discuss how to disassemble a computer system.

Disassembling a computer can be a painful and daunting task but it is really not that difficult. Following are some useful tips which you should remember while performing the task. The first thing you should do is, cut off the power. This means you need to disconnect the computer from all power sources. Start with the power cord and then the other cables like monitor cable, mouse and keyboard wires and other devices like the sound box, etc.

Once you disconnect all the cables, you need to open the computer case. There are some PCs slides off the side. You need to remove some screws before the cover can come off. There are also other cases that open in different ways. So, it is suggested to check your specific computer case. In the market you will find cases, those are designed in such way so that the user can open the case easily.

After removing the computer case, you will have a look at all the components in the computer. You will find the motherboard, SMPS, hard disk, memory modules and other components. In addition, you will also find Video card, sound card, CPU, etc. You should learn about the components inside the case to maintain your computer.

You also need to remove adapter cards. For instance if there is a PCI based sound card, you will need to take note of the screw at the top of the bracket. To disconnect the card, first you need to remove that screw. Next you need to disconnect disk drives. Hard disks usually have screws at the side. The job these screws are to secure the hard drive in the PC’s drive bays. Be careful while unscrewing those, otherwise you precious hard disk may drop on the motherboard.

These are some useful tips for disassembling your computer. At the time of opening up your computer, you should remember these things. This will help you to avoid any potential problems at the time cleaning your computer or installing any new hardware component.

Forensic Email Investigation Tool Helps To Bring Crime To Justice

E-mail has gained its position as the global communication fundamental service over internet. Nevertheless, security issues in emailing provides a way to cybercriminals to change its inherent purpose by doing illegal practices like destroying its headers or by sending pseudonymous mails leading to criminal falsification. Emails include structure fields that remain as it is even after the mail message is delivered to the recipient, thereby leaving all traces of information as a record that helps to analyze who is the actual sender of the emails, what is the date and time of sending and receiving, IP address etc. Examining the header thoroughly provides the information about the gateways via the mail message have passed through. Cyber-forensic email investigation aims at collection of evidences and analyzing them for bringing criminal to justice. This section discusses the way of email header forging is done and how helps to resolve the crime cases.

How Senders Hide Their True Identity In Emails

There are various techniques used for destroying the actual identity of anonymous email sender. Below given is a list of those techniques:

Spoofing: It is the effort to cover up the real source of email by forging the header. Email All the possible attempts to create a fake email sender identity results in spoofing. This also includes Server IP spoofing that consequently makes real identity detection difficult.

Unwarranted Network: Wireless network connections are endangered by the culprits by gaining their unlawful access to destroy the identity of email sender.

Open Mail Relay: It is an SMTP Server that is configured to send an email message to anyone via internet, may not be originating from the real user. Such relays are used by phishers and spammers to hide their identities.

Anonymous Remailer: It refers to the Server that sends emails along with instructions as where to forward it but without disclosure of the fact as from where it is originated from.

Open Proxy: It is a Proxy Server that can be used publically without disclosure of web address. But disadvantage of open proxy is the owner of the system can remain unknown about open proxy being running on the computer. Such malpractices include configuration of proxy software, generally in the form of malware to trace information stored in the system.

: Commercial Solution That Make It Possible MailXaminer software is a powerful solution available online for forensic email investigation. The tool recovers corrupted or deleted emails from ten different file formats- MBX, OST, PST, IMM, EDB, Sea Monkey, MBOX, Thunderbird, OLM, and TBB without requirement their application platform. This solution for forensic recovery of digital evidence enable users to have a view at hex code of emails, its header view, MIME view etc that helps to discover the actual identity of its sender. The option to save the recovered evidence in the evidence list and export it to EML, HTML, PDF and MSG the resultant forensic email investigation.