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Science Update Stem Cells and Cardiovascular Health

Thanks to a growing body of research, scientists are now recognizing that having more stem cells in ones bloodstream could be one of the greatest strategies for optimal health. For example, a number of recent studies have shown that a greater number of circulating stem cells equated to greater cardiovascular health.

Lets look at some of these studies in a little more detail so you can grasp the potential benefits of supporting your bodys natural release of stem cells into the bloodstream

In 2001, Vasa et al reported that compared to healthy individuals, people with cardiovascular problems had fewer endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in their bloodstream. EPCs are a type of stem cells responsible for the development of new blood vessels. The study also demonstrated that the EPCs isolated from people with cardiovascular problems showed less ability to migrate in tissues. The Vasa group also reported that smokers had fewer EPCs in their blood.

In 2004 Schmidt-Lucke et al measured the number of EPCs in the bloodstream of 120 individuals (43 controls and 77 individuals at risk for cardiovascular problems) and observed these individuals for ten months. At the end of this time, the authors reported that a reduced number of circulating EPCs was linked to a poor cardiovascular health prognosis.

The next year, in a similar but more extensive study, Werner et al measured the number of EPCs in the bloodstream of 19 individuals, and observed these individuals for one year. Overall, the people with more circulating EPCs experienced fewer cardiovascular problems and, conversely, the people who had fewer EPCs in their blood showed increased incidences of cardiovascular events.

Thanks to recent studies, scientists now understand why greater numbers of stem cells in the bloodstream equate to better cardiovascular health. In essence, when a tissue has poor blood circulation, it lacks oxygen. And when a tissue lacks oxygen, it releases compounds that accomplish two specific tasks: 1) attraction of EPCs into the tissue, and 2) conversion of EPCs into capillary cells. Therefore, whenever a tissue is lacking oxygen, a process is triggered whereby circulating stem cells migrate to the tissue and contribute to the development of new capillaries. This leads to greater delivery of oxygen and nutrients, thereby helping the tissue maintain better health.

When we understand that poor oxygen and insufficient nutrient delivery to organs and tissues are two of the most common underlying causes for a wide variety of health problems, it is clear that increasing the number of circulating stem cells becomes one of the most valuable strategies for maintaining optimal health.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and any products mentioned, while supported by science, are not intended to diagnose, mitigate or treat any disease or illness.

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Writing The Best Subject Lines For Your Bulk Email Campaign

When deciding to launch mass email campaigns, much of the planning and preparation goes into writing high quality sales copy for the body of the email and collecting qualified email addresses for your bulk email campaign. Of course the time dedicated to these two tasks is often worth the effort because they have a direct impact on the return on investment you receive from email marketing online. The better the copy the more likely your recipients will respond and, of course, if you have pre-qualified these recipients then you can avoid the fear of being listed as a spammer and prepare for a good response to your bulk marketing.

Getting Your Emails Opened:
While allocating much of your bulk email campaign’s time and budget to these two areas may make perfect sense, there is one fundamental flaw in this approach. You see, if your recipients are not enticed to open the emails you send them, your efforts will see no returns. No bulk email tool or enterprise email marketing software can help you with this. What can help is a well-written subject line that drives the recipient to action.

The best way to get people to open your email is to give them something that shows a result. Look at the title used for this article: “Writing the Best Subject Lines for Your Bulk Email Campaign.” It promises that if you read this, you will be able to create better subject lines. This entices someone to continue reading past the headline. Other examples can be found reading the newspaper. Mimic headlines that grab the reader’s attention and drive him or her to read on. Applying this technique to the subject line of messages sent in your bulk email campaign will help increase the percentage of emails that are actually read by your recipients. Then your sales copy can do its job.

Other tips for writing better headlines include:

*Making headlines believable and relevant
*Referring to previous communications
*Don’t include your sales pitch in your headline – tell, don’t sell
*Focus on the first 40 to 50 characters
*Don’t include common spam words in your subject
*Don’t ever write your subject lines in all caps
*Write your subject line after you have crafted the body of your email message

Test, Test, Test :
Once you are comfortable with your subject lines, it’s time to start testing. Many times a small change in how a subject line is worded effects the open rate of your bulk email campaign. The easiest way to accomplish this is through a process called split testing. Divide the recipient list into two, or more, groups. Using a modified subject line for each you can monitor the open rate for each group to see which subject is more effective. Of course, you will need the right enterprise email marketing software to do this. Make sure that whatever solution you choose provides you with analytics so you can track the performance of your bulk email campaign.

Vintage Architectural Hardware Helps Adorn Your Home At Very Low Prices

Architectural hardware(baubeschlge) is a beautiful addition to any home. Adding dramatic details like this can even increase your home’s resale value, as your home will have that little something extra that home buyers are always wanting. Although you can buy new these products at any home improvement store, these pieces can be quite expensive. If you buy cheaper, lower end hardware for your doors and cabinets, you will notice that the quality of these items is not as good. If you buy upper end hardware items, you run the risk of having the same hardware as your neighbor. This is because these pieces are usually massed produced. Fortunately, there is a way to get beautiful, unique items for an affordable price. You should seek out vintage pieces. These will give your home a truly unique touch. Here are some tips to help you find affordable vintage architectural hardware.( baubeschlge)

Check Out Garage Sales In Older Areas

Sometimes when an older home is renovated, the owners save the old hardware and try to resell it at their next garage sale. If you have the time, it can be worthwhile to check out garage sales in older parts of town. Older homes are more likely to have vintage hardware. This is probably the best way to get a bargain on these unique pieces.

Antique Malls Are A Great Resource

Antique malls often sell vintage hardware. If you are looking for a bargain, stay away from upscale antique stores as these often charge high prices on their offerings. Look for smaller antique stores that are more cluttered. The cheapest antique stores often make you hunt through clutter in order to find what you are wanting. If you are pressed for time and do not have a weekend or two to browse, call the antique shops in your area. Ask them if they have any antique hardware for sale. Even if their shop is crowded, antique dealers usually have a good recall of the exact items they currently have in stock.

Start Browsing Online Auctions

You will certainly be able to find some affordable options of vintage architectural hardware(baubeschlge) on online auction websites. Because you will not be able to see the items in person before you bid, it is important that you only deal with reputable sellers. Make sure you read reviews from other customers.