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Email Software Hotmail Sign In Tips – A Primer

At times it can become quite annoying to log into Windows Hotmail because it uses a peculiar login interface quite different from other email interfaces that we typically encounter. Moreover, if the date of login is different than the server date you often do not get to see the Hotmail login form. So, we thought of sharing with you some useful Hotmail sign in tips for an easy signing in.

The first shortcut to sign in Hotmail is to visit in Mozilla Firefox browser, as it is considered to be one of the safest browsers. Moreover, it is also an instant browser that opens the windows instantly. You can install Firefox from the net to then solve your Hotmail signing problems with ease.

Another tip that you may use is to enter your Hotmail email followed by your Hotmail Password in the boxes and then finally hit the Submit button. In case, you forget your hotmail password then simply click on the link that says Forgot Hotmail Password and you will be able to recover your hotmail email account.

You may also check your Hotmail from Outlook by directly setting up Hotmail in Windows Live Mail. All you need is to download Outlook Connector to allow Outlook to connect with your Hotmail account straight away. This feature is possible in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. In case you are looking at some popular email clients please feel free to visit our section on download email software

Loading your Hotmail inbox directly is also a great tip. You can automatically redirect to the Hotmail Today page to get a summary of different pieces of information that you may read later on. Signing in Hotmail is also easier with Windows Live Messenger and then you can change your online status directly from Hotmail. Hotmail becomes easily accessible through Microsoft’s Instant Messenger. Article Source:

Gm Agrees To Modify Its Robot Commercial

Previously General Motors said that they have no plans of changing their Robot ad and even insisted that they will air the same ad on the academy awards. But due to insistent public clamor for the automaker to change its ad, finally General Motors gave in.

The automaker has agreed to modify its TV commercial which was aired last Sunday at the Super Bowl to put an end to the week long controversy surrounding the robot ad. The automaker will eliminate the bridge sequence since that is the part the mental health organizations have found offensive and alarming.

Mental health organizations have bombarded General Motors with protests about the ad, saying that the ad depicts suicide. General Motors says all it wants is to display the companys grave commitment in maintaining quality on its products unfortunately the ad ended as trivializing suicide.

It should be noted that GM was not the only one with an ad that received negative feedbacks. The Snicker Bar commercial of the candy maker Mars, Inc. had to scrap their ad and related web videos since gay rights organizations called it homophobic. But unlike General Motors, Mars Inc. took less than a day before deciding to deep-six its ad while GM has consumed five days to decide on the issue. According to GMs spokesman John M. McDonald, the issue being raised was a serious one, from a group of credible people and this is exactly what encouraged the company to modify the ad.

So why did it takes long for GM to decide? It should be noted that more than 93 million people saw the ad last Sunday which was considered to be one of the biggest TV audiences in US history but only a relatively small number of people have complained about the robot commercial of GM. This fact has lead the automaker to keep a firm stand not to change their ads, GM spokeswoman told USA Today that the automaker has no plans to change the ads since it has received more than a handful of complaints but not a tsunami. Plus let us not forget the fact that the robot commercial has cause the automaker millions of dollars which makes it understandable why General Motors have to consider all the odds before it decides to finally modify its commercial. To a company that is experiencing financial difficulties, revising a million dollar worth of project is not that easy since it will entail again for some additional cost.

General Motors Corporation is still the worlds largest automaker and has been the numero uno in the global industry sales for the past 76 years. GM was founded in the year 1908. Its global headquarters are located in Detroit. General Motors make use of the acronym GM to refer to the company itself and its line of auto products like the popular GM performance chip which are designed to enhance the performance of vehicles.